Highway (5/5)

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Nice to get back for an update after a long time!

Just saw Highway some time back and, for a guy that dosen’t watch bollywood flicks that much, I was quite impressed!

The film centers around the journey of self discovery that Veera (brilliantly portrayed by Alia Bhatt) is forced to take when she gets accidently kidnapped by Mahabir (Randeep Hooda). Despite having a chance to escape, she stays back, which comes as a shock not only for Veera’s captors but also for her. Watch the film to find out more! 🙂

No, seriously, watch it! Its good enough, and when it comes from me, for a bollywood flick, it has to be awesome!

The locations are purely stunning and only the huge screen of the theatre can do justice to the visuals.

Yes, the length is a tad long, but at least I didn’t feel it occurred to me as I was lost in the stunning visuals.

If not for the performances, definitely watch it for the visuals.

The mountains, the rivers, the snow and watching it on the big screen was such an experience that I felt it was the next best thing after actually being there!

Apart from that, the film highlights the twisted and so called “high” society and you can relate to stories you hear and read in news.

Overall, I felt its brilliantly executed and cinema lovers will find themselves thoroughly satisfied.

Oh and the soundtrack is absolute bliss as well! In fact its one of the inspirations for writing this review in the first place.
A. R. Rehman really has done a stunning job.

Here’s a trailer:

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The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

My verdict: ★★★★★

After a long time, I have felt the excitement that I had felt a long time back while watching The Lord of The Rings trilogy. Such is the power of Peter Jackson’s latest chapter in The Hobbit trilogy.

The movie starts with a recap of sorts and picks up right where it left off in “An Unexpected Journey”. I will not tell you more to avoid spoiling your fun, but the movie has been paced brilliantly. Not once during the movie you feel that it has been stretched or compressed.

As for the acting, its as top notch as it gets and at par if not higher in standard compared to Mr. Jackson’s LOTR trilogy.

And I can assure you that it was not just me that was at the edge of my seat for the action scenes, I could hear the whole audience give the same reactions!

I was bored to death by the first part, but its necessary to form a link to this movie, otherwise you might be left wondering who’s who, so be warned in that respect. If you know nothing, and go see the movie, you’ll enjoy the action and the suspense, but if you do see the previous part (and also the LOTR trilogy) it will make for a more satisfying and an enjoyable experience.

The rendition of Smaug is so awesome, its worth seeing the movie just for his sake and of the dialogue between him and Bilbo!

The dwarves have been played by their actors with such passion that you really feel for them, and root for them as well.

As for Gandalf, Sir Ian McKellen has once again delivered nothing but perfection.

This is one of those movies where I have to say, don’t miss the end! When you come out of the theater, you will be…

When to use rawurlencode() in PHP

I am compelled to write this to save many hours of frustration any other developer might be facing:

If you are trying to set email body using mailto: link dynamically, then naturally your first tendency is to use urlencode() to make the content compatible right?

But there’s a problem that email clients don’t understand the encoding produced by urlencode() since it produces encoding which is compatible for URLs not emails. So what do you do now?

Enter rawurlencode() which is you savior in this sticky situation!

rawurlencode() converts your string according to RFC 3986 which also means that you can use it to encode your dynamic content into the body of mailto: links!

Hope this helps somebody!

Start on a starstruck night!

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Welcome and thank you for reading the first post on my first ever blog! (yay!)

Hope to fill this blog with positive thoughts and helpful tips.

As for the title, you might be wondering why I wrote starstruck? Well, because, me and my friends were on a beach near my friend’s house and, though my beach house friend had never seen a shooting star, all three of us caught a glimpse of 3 shooting stars!