Highway (5/5)

Hi folks!

Nice to get back for an update after a long time!

Just saw Highway some time back and, for a guy that dosen’t watch bollywood flicks that much, I was quite impressed!

The film centers around the journey of self discovery that Veera (brilliantly portrayed by Alia Bhatt) is forced to take when she gets accidently kidnapped by Mahabir (Randeep Hooda). Despite having a chance to escape, she stays back, which comes as a shock not only for Veera’s captors but also for her. Watch the film to find out more! 🙂

No, seriously, watch it! Its good enough, and when it comes from me, for a bollywood flick, it has to be awesome!

The locations are purely stunning and only the huge screen of the theatre can do justice to the visuals.

Yes, the length is a tad long, but at least I didn’t feel it occurred to me as I was lost in the stunning visuals.

If not for the performances, definitely watch it for the visuals.

The mountains, the rivers, the snow and watching it on the big screen was such an experience that I felt it was the next best thing after actually being there!

Apart from that, the film highlights the twisted and so called “high” society and you can relate to stories you hear and read in news.

Overall, I felt its brilliantly executed and cinema lovers will find themselves thoroughly satisfied.

Oh and the soundtrack is absolute bliss as well! In fact its one of the inspirations for writing this review in the first place.
A. R. Rehman really has done a stunning job.

Here’s a trailer:

Composed on my awesome Nokia Lumia 920 while returning home in the train.


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